Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blueberry Muffins

I wish Laura could come for breakfast more often...

My lovely cousin, Laura Beth (she may get mad at me for adding the "Beth" part), lives in Indiana with her husband; therefore, I NEVER get to see her.   She was in visiting her family in New Jersey and was gracious enough to squeeze us in!  I made the quiche I made for Mother's Day, some fresh fruit with yogurt, and blueberry muffins from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook.  The muffins were fantastic!  Very simple to make and very fresh tasting.  Laura stated that she liked the "blueberry to muffin" ratio... I just through in an entire pint of blueberries without looking at how much the recipe called for.  I loved the crunchy tops.  There are only three left, and I'm going to rush home to get a final one before Matt polishes them off!

Check out those giant blueberries!

Don't you just love my new cupcake stand?  It spins!  My mom bought it for me at HomeGoods a few weeks ago.  I absolutely love it.

And more Paula Deen cupcake liners.  So sweet...

By the way, Check out Laura Beth's blog.   Her writing is so eloquent and thoughtful that she always makes me wish I could express myself as well as she can. 

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