Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beer Cheese Cupcakes with Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese

Sounds gross, right?  WRONG!

As you've read in the previous post, we stayed at our friends Sean and Shira's home in California last weekend.  They were awesome hosts, and Matt and I wanted to repay them in some way.  Shira had printed out a recipe for Beer Cheese Cupcakes with Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese that she found over at the Cupcake Project, which had both Sean and Matt drooling.  As I mentioned previously, Sean shares my affinity for cupcakes, but he also works for MillerCoors and enjoys the occasional beer.  And what guy doesn't love bacon?  On Sunday morning, I woke up early, headed to the grocery store to buy ingredients and Sean's first muffin tins.  By the time Sean and Shira woke up, Matt and I had the cupcakes just about in the oven.  It smelled fantastically like beer cheddar soup while baking.  Sean helped make the icing and waited not too patiently to taste the final product.  I was reluctant, seeing as I don't even like bacon.  But I have to tell you...they were great.  We each had way too many...

Sean and Matt had way too much fun making the bacon.

Of course, we're all from Philadelphia, so we had to use Philadelphia Cream Cheese!

Sean enjoyed helping...

The Final Product. 

Sean, Matt & Shira enjoying their breakfast...

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  1. So glad that you tried and enjoyed them! Your photo of the final product looks fantastic!