Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Brunch

Happy Mother's Day

Matt and decided to host a brunch for our mothers and brothers for Mother's Day.  Despite the brunch being easy to prepare and set up, it was delicious.  I honestly think I could have gone into a food coma.

Here is the table and the counter set for breakfast.  I don't have a dining room; therefore, sometimes, we need to make people sit at the counter. 

Here are the desserts.  I made Citrus Orange Pound Cake Cupcakes with Citrus Orange Buttercream Icing.  I'd like to say that I made the cookies, but I didn't.  I was going to make something similar to these, but after walking around Chestnut Hill with my mom, aunt, and cousin on Saturday, we stopped at The Night Kitchen Bakery.  They had these cookies there, and  I thought, well...that'll do.

Strawberry first attempt at scones. 

More pictures of the set up.  Here is the buffet of food and the main table.

Paula Deen's Praline French Toast Bake.  So easy and so unbelievably delicious.  The only problem with this was when the pan overflowed in the oven....smoke city.

Bacon Cheddar Quiche.  I wish I had more of this because it was the only thing we had run out of...
Oh, and the strawberry almond salad.  Very summery and yummy. 

Mom and my brother, Johnny, were the first to the buffet. 
Ben was a good sport, and sat at the counter...

We definitely had plenty of leftover cupcakes as most people were too full to partake.  (Well, except for Jimmy and I.  We took an eating break, then soldiered on).   Everyone, therefore, got to take some home in these cute boxes. 


  1. Wow.... you are sweet and considerate... AND you can bake. So many talents in one person!

  2. I'm still full from breakfast... yesterday's breakfast. It was delicious! My wife is an excellent cook and baker! Now, if I could convince her to mow the lawn and only watch sports on TV - I literally wouldn't have to move muscle...ever again.

    -The Husband

  3. What a spread!! Great mothers day brunch!! Everything sounds and looks amazingly delicious. You did an amazing job!!