Saturday, January 22, 2011

A slightly inappropriate post...enter at your own risk :P

A swim team baby shower...

One of my bestest friends, Denise, asked me to make her a small cake and cupcakes for a baby shower her swim team is throwing for a teammate.   She asked that it be swim themed but baby girl-ish, too.  After about a month of googling, thinking and brainstorming, I came up with an idea for the cupcakes. 

They asked for purple, hence the purple frosting.  

The ducks are made of homemade fondant that took a little while to get to the right colors.  I definitely recommend gel food coloring when using fondant.  Much more vibrant colors.  I used a food coloring pen for the eyes and to fill in the goggles.

When it came to the cake, I was going to make a bigger ducky to go on it, but after talking to Denise last night, she made a special request.  This is what she came up with.  Slightly irreverent but very hilarious.  She swears the girl will find it funny, and I hope she does!  I was hesitant to post this but I think the warning in the post title should be enough! 

This cake speaks for itself....there are no words....

Here is everything all together.  I hope the team has a great time celebrating the newest member of their swim team!


  1. The mommy to be here... and I LOVED it! Everything was so beautiful and cute! Everyone loved the detail and my husband (who is not a swimmer) was very correct in saying, its the only "swimmer" that counted! LOL. Thanks again for your wonderful work and tasty treats!

  2. I attended the shower and the cupcakes were SO cute. Loved the detail with the cap and goggles. The cake, well the cake was something else!

  3. The duckies were so cute - at first I thought they were rubber duckies they were so perfect.

    Loved the cake design too - it was perfect as well.

  4. I attended the shower as well and we all loved the cupcakes and the cake. Loved the swimming goggles. The purple icing was fabulous.

  5. I was there at the shower and I was shocked when I saw the cake. I actually felt my heart flutter. I was worried what people would think. Then I looked around and realized that these people take all their clothes off and jump into water. Nothing could ever gross out this group. I loved the cake,the presentation and would feel confident recommending the artist.