Friday, January 7, 2011


Banana Bread and Garlic & Herb Bread

For Christmas, my mom and dad bought me a bread machine.  I was super excited to try it out, but I got a little stalled when I realized that a small, but important, piece was missing.  Cuisinart was fantastic and shipped it to me right away, but  I went ahead and made some breads the old fashioned way.  My in-laws were coming a few days after Christmas, and I thought I'd make a garlic & herb bread from my new Williams-Sonoma Bread cookbook.  I timed it perfectly that it was still warm when I served it.  I paired it with some dipping spices and olive oil.  So delicious.  There wasn't a slice left!

Can you see all of those delicious bits of herbs?

I also decided to make some banana bread with the over-ripe bananas left on my counter.  My brother, Johnny, loves banana bread, so I thought I'd treat him as a New Years Eve gift :) 

I used my usual recipe that I have written down on the back of an envelope...I have no idea where it came from, but it turns out yummy every time. 

I thought I'd wrap it up nice for him and use my brand new label embosser that I received as a Christmas gift from my goddaughter, Caleigh.  So cute, right?!  Makes me feel like a pseudo-professional.  I believe its from Williams-Sonoma. 

The piece that I needed for the bread maker came in yesterday, so I'll post some breads once I use it!

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  1. The breads are gorgeous! I LOVE THOSE LABELS!!!! They're beyond cool, I must have them!