Saturday, January 22, 2011

A review, and Happy Birthday, Jess!

The Barefoot Contessa Rocks...

My friend, co-worker, and fellow gestatation buddy turned 27 this week, and I thought I'd make her a yummy treat to get through the long work day.  I've had a box of cupcake mix from the Barefoot Contessa that my cousin gave me a little while ago.  I've been wanting to try it out, but the box only makes 12 cupcakes, so I was waiting for a time when I only needed a half dozen.  This was the perfect chance! 

As I've mentioned previously, I'm not usually a fan of the boxed mixes, but this one was great.  It called for real butter instead of oil that most boxes require.  I also liked that it came with a mix for the buttercream frosting.  Everything came out moist and fresh, which tasted delicious, but made it a little difficult to decorate.  The cake was so light that when I went to decorate, some of the cake was coming apart.  So, I had to stick with a simple design.

Can you see how creamy the frosting was?  Soooo yummy.  These were a mess to eat, but worth it!  They were perfect to snack on after lunch!

Happy Birthday, Jess!  I hope it was a great day!  Next year, you'll get to celebrate with your adorable little girl!

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