Thursday, August 18, 2011

Holly turns 3!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Holly!

I'm sure you all remember Holly from birthdays and showers past...

Well, Holly turned three this year and decided that she wanted a "Pink Piggy" party.  With some help from my mom, Matt and a baby who sleeps well, we were able to accomplish some cute cakes and cupcakes. 

I will admit that in my new mom stupor, I messed up one of the batches of cupcakes, but we recovered and produced a small chocolate cake and two batches of chocolate and one vanilla.

After mulling around some design ideas for a few weeks, my godmother stopped by and gave me a new cupcake book.  Wouldn't you know, they had a cute idea for piggy cupcakes!?  So, after a few modifications, this is what we came up with...

I was a little preoccupied in that Luke was less than two weeks old so I didn't get any pictures.  Luckily, Matt was a little more on the ball and snapped these gems. 

Happy Birthday, Holly... We love you!!!

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