Thursday, August 18, 2011

Go Phillies!

Happy 4th Birthday, Connor!

Several months back, I was contacted through the fabulous world of Facebook by a friend of mine to make her son's 4th birthday cake.  Kelly and I played basketball together in high school and even ended up at the same college.  We have been out of touch for awhile, so I was thrilled and surprised when she asked if I could make a Phillies themed cake for Connor.  Although the cake was needed for only a few short weeks after Luke was born, I couldn't pass up an oportunity to make a Phillies themed birthday cake.  As you probably remember from posts past, my husband is a Mets fan.  I am, however, not.  And I am determined to make my child a Phillies Phan!!! 

Kelly asked for a cake for the party and cupcakes to take home as favors.  Conor is allergic to nuts and likes vanilla cake, so I made my simple vanilla cake recipe from my Magnolia Bakery cookbook.   I will admit that the design of this cake is all Matt.  For a Mets fan, he really got into making this cake (I think he's a Phillies Phan at heart!). 

I cut all of the designs out of fondant for the cake and just piped on some red icing for the cupcakes.  I think they turned out pretty good.

Kelly wrapped the cupcakes up in these adorable boxes and tied them with a pretty red ribbon.

I will admit here that I am terrible at covering entire cakes in fondant.  I need a lot of practice.  Because of that, I had a lot of cracks along the side of the cake.  Matt came up with the great idea of covering oreos with fondant to make baseballs.  Genius.  Necessity is the mother of invention...

In order to cover up another large crack, Matt cut out this great MLB logo out of fondant.  I think he may be better at this than me!

Happy 4th Birthday, Connor!

Speaking of the Phillies and trying to make Luke a Phillies Phan, we got one step closer a couple of weeks ago while on our way to visit my parents in Raleigh, NC.  While waiting for our plane, the Phillie Phanatic and a few players were helping out at Southwest Airlines.  Luke got in pictures with a few current players, a few past players and the Phillie Phanatic!  He even made the local news...CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

Here is Luke with Larry Anderson, Gary Matthews and John Mayberry, Jr.  A few weeks later, my brother and sister-in-law met John Mayberry, Jr. at a charity function, and he said he remembered Luke!!  So cool.

Here is Luke and I with Shane Victorino. 

And of course with the Phillie Phanatic!!!

It was such a cool experience that we ended up missing our flight!  Luckily, Southwest Airlines was very gracious and put us on the very next flight and we were only an hour later than we originally planned. 


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