Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tiffany's Shower

A Tiffany's Shower for Tiffany

A few months ago, my friend, Maureen, asked me if I could make a few cakes and cupcakes for her friend Tiffany's wedding shower.  Seeing as though her name is Tiffany, the shower is Tiffany & Co. themed.  The idea was that the cakes would be the center pieces of the tables and would look like Tiffany & Co. gift boxes.  The cupcakes were to add some extra decorations to the table, and I had a little fun with those.  I used the Magnolia's Bakery Vanilla cupcake recipe for all of the cakes.  It is simply the best vanilla recipe I've ever used.  This time, I added vanilla bean to the batter to give it an extra touch.  Delicious!  I made so many batches of this batter yesterday, that I now have it memorized!  I made a vanilla buttercream icing and tinted it Tiffany Blue.  The bows are made from my homemade fondant recipe and dusted with some luster dust to give it some sheen.  Maureen, her friend Michelle, and Maureen's adorable daughter, Everly, came for the afternoon to help.  Everly was an angel and slept through most of the afternoon.  It was a nice afternoon of gabbing and baking!

First up...the cupcakes

Even Everly drooled over the cupcakes when she finally awoke!

And now for the cakes...

Maureen and Michelle promised to take pictures when the cakes are at the tables and set up for the shower, so I'll add those pictures when they send them!


  1. They are so pretty! What fun :) that baby is adorable as well!!

  2. I was at the shower and saw these cakes up close and personal. Not only were they beautiful; they were extra delicious and added to the party fun. Nice job.

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait for pictures of the shower, I'm sure it looked amazing :)

  4. Sooooo adorable! And I know how much work that was..and delicious too! if I could ask, what are the little "diamonds" you used? So cute...are they edible? Good job!

  5. Katie...they are sugar diamonds. I bought them on

  6. Oh you have no idea how much I need those (for another type of craft project altogether). Thank you! xoxo

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