Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another (semi) cake fail...

Book club oops!

I borrowed an Ice Cream Cone cake pan from my sister-in-law a few weeks ago.  (Have you checked out her blog?  You should.  She rocks.) It looked so cute, and I couldn't resist.  I figured I'd make them for book club tonight.  Well, in theory...they are cute.  The problem?  They cannot stand on their own!  Right now they look okay, but I guarantee that they will not survive the drive over to Jen & Mandy's house.  The good thing is, they taste amazing!  It is yellow cake recipe with Martha Stewart's Swiss Meringue Butter Cream frosting.  Delish!  

Looks cute, right?  Not so much when I couldn't figure out how to transport them...

See?  Awful.  Hopefully the girls won't mind.


  1. They are cute! maybe next time put them back into the pan they cooked in for transport?

  2. I told you they wouldn't stand up! :) Maybe transporting/displaying in cupcake boxes would work? I haven't made them again since the first time I used them and had the same experience. They are too cute and yummy to not make them again...we have to come up with a solution!

  3. You can buy cardboard cupcake holders to transport your cupackes. Each cardboard sheet is $.39 and you can hold six in each one. You can buy it at any candy/cake decorating supply store. I hope this helps.