Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tea Cakes

Book Club Meeting #3

The third book in our book club series is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  I could write a 1000 words on why I loved this book, but I'll save my discussion about it for tomorrow night.  My girls are coming over for some appetizers, dessert, and great dialogue and debate about the book.  I decided to get a head start on the baking and prepare dessert tonight.  I may make some brownies as well tomorrow, but for now, I will share the tea cakes I made.  I bought this pan last weekend at our "Gift Card Date Night."  I think they turned out cute, but I'm not thrilled with the recipe for the petits fours that came with the pan.  They taste fine, but they don't really wow me.   I topped the cakes with a rose flavored icing that I think makes up for the cake part being simply acceptable.  I may try using a different petits fours recipe next time.  We'll see.  I'm curious to see how these would turn out with a brownie recipe. 

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