Friday, December 18, 2009

Bailey's Mint Chocolate Creme Icing Cupcakes

Zubaz Cupcakes?

We received a text last night from one of our favorite Irishman, Sean Kelly, who is home for the holidays from San Fransisco.  He invited us over to another friend's house to get together; although, I'm still not sure if our other friend, Jeff, is aware we are about to party at his house.  Sean specifically requested cupcakes as our admission fee, and I thought some alcohol themed cupcakes were appropriate.  Therefore, I made chocolate cupcakes with Bailey's Mint Irish Creme Icing. 

I chopped up some Andes Candies and mixed it in with the icing, then I melted Hershey's Mint Truffle Kisses and piped it on top. 

Matt's first response when he saw them was, "They look like Zubaz pants." I started laughing right away because they kind of do! Anyway, I think they taste pretty delicious, so hopefully Sean will approve.

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