Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Pies

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great day!  I spent the day baking Thanksgiving pies and getting ready for Girls' Night with my cousins, aunts, mom and sister-in-law.  The pies ended up turning out pretty good, and we had a fabulous time tonight catching up.  I have a wonderful family, and all of the lovely women I spent time with tonight reminded me of that fact.  This thanksgiving, I am thankful for all of the women in my life who helped me become the woman I am today, and all of the young women in my life who constantly awe me in their beauty, poise, elegance and love.   Thanks for a great night, Hilary, Rachel, Laura, Aunt Ruth, Aunt Maria, Mom and Carol!  I love you all. 

Peanut Butter Pie from the Newlywed Cookbook. 

Apple Cranberry Pie with Almond Crumb Crust

Good Old Pumpkin Pie

Traditional Apple Pie.  I tried to be cute with the crust and cut leaves out, but it didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped.  Hopefully, it tastes good!


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