Friday, March 12, 2010

Irish Potato Candy

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Growing up in a very large Irish Catholic family in Philadelphia, I thought everyone knew what Irish Potato Candy was.  That was until I took some a few years ago to my in-laws.  They claim to have never to have had it, which I find to be blasphemy!  If you aren't lucky enough to know what these delicious bites of heaven are, please hurry and make this recipe before the big day arrives. 

A fantastic combination of cream cheese, butter, coconut and cinnamon.

I found this adorable container at Michael's last week for a dollar.  I couldn't resist.

So, readers...have you tried Irish Potato Candy before?  Is it a yearly tradition for you, too?


  1. I am also Irish and loooove Irish Potato Candy, but I have never made it, maybe this week I will. There is a brand sold in our local grocery store that has O'Ryans Irish Potato Candy and I buy a box every year for my bro Ryan's b-day.

  2. Oh my, I think I just gained ten pounds by surfing your blog. what a delicious collection of food! ;)

    carrie b.