Friday, June 11, 2010

CORA Cupcakes

Beef, Beer, & Cupcakes

I work at a not-for-profit agency called CORA, which provides emotional, educational and prevention services for children and families in need.  Like most not-for-profit agencies lately, money is always an issue.  Therefore, CORA is sponsoring a Beef & Beer fundraiser tonight at a local bar.  If you aren't from Philly, you probably have never heard of a beef & beer.  Its self-explanatory really.  Roast beef sandwhiches and beer are served at a local pub or union hall and partying ensues.   It is a great way to raise money, and we are hoping tonight will help our budget at CORA out a little bit.  CORA employees are providing desserts, so I thought I'd make some cupcakes with a CORA theme. 

I made devil's food and butter vanilla cupcakes with fluffy vanila icing.  I had leftover blue fondant and tinted some leftover white fondant a burgandy color.  If you check out CORA's website,  you'll see that I took inspiration from our CORA emblem. 

I hope people enjoy them after a long night of drinking, dancing and donating!


  1. Impressive...they should donate to you...

  2. Very impressive!! They look very professional, nicely done! I hope your fundraiser is very successful :)